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National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum ⚾
The Hall of Fame remembers Class of 1997 inductee Tommy Lasorda.…
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Sherrilyn Ifill
“His agenda” is staying in office and keeping his followers stoked.…
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Trump when he sees Melania scrolling on Twitter
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Bunsen and Beaker
More Joy to you!
Watch dadguy struggle to put me in a harness when I was a puppy!
Yes. Berner puppies are that big.
#joy #friday #dogs
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colt & tucker
Mom got a booty shot of me when I was snoozing! #fluffybuttfriday #DogsofTwittter #coltandtucker #grc

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Max 🐶🇳🇱
Hello Furiends, i am having a chill out day..
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