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Tayyyy 👑🐝
For Christmas I surprised my step-dad (my dad) by asking him to legally adopt me and for me to hyphenate my last name with his just like my moms 🥰 he said yes!! Let the paperwork begin on being adopted at the age of 27 by the best father I’ve ever had!
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Stewart-Haas Racing
Giving out presents #4TheFans all year long. 🎁 #2020FinalLaps
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Fenty Cop
Rihanna—without a doubt—shaped modern tattoo culture.
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Ronnie 2K 2K21
Can’t wait to start streaming MyTEAM tomorrow. And giveaway everything I get! Tune in then and in meantime have a great Christmas w/ some upcoming locker codes! twitter.com/nba2k_myteam/s…
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‘galaxy eye collection’ by rexisky
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