Mastery of the Fundamentals *IS* Mastery

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And before you read, friendly warning: I'm yelling. But, mistake my PASSION for ANGER at your own peril....

This is a WAKE UP CALL if you’re stuck trying to advance your practice or just stuck in life in general.

As you know, for Body Breakthrough I carefully screen everyone on the phone first before I even think about letting them in.

A phone conversation with someone is REALLY revealing about who they are and how they’ll show up.

The other day, I was speaking with someone who is a pretty “big name” in the yoga industry (Obviously I’m not going to say who, but you’d recognize him if I did).

He revealed to me that he didn’t have the practice that he wanted. He would travel around and teach workshops and felt like a “fraud” and not necessarily because he wasn’t the strongest person in the room, he was, he just was stuck and wasn’t at the level he wanted to be.

That pissed him off on the inside.

Here’s the revealing part….

I asked:

“How often do you work on the fundamentals? Do you feel like you’ve extracted every ounce of juice from the basics?”

His reply was essentially this:

“Really???? What fundamentals???? Brian, I’m not *that* bad I need to do those.”


Then he proceeded to rattle off a list of all sorts of fancy exercises and contraptions that he was doing and using.

And then he said:

“Dude, I’m doing everything I can trust me. I’ve just hit a wall. You know and I know that most of that stuff is useless.”

He was referring to the fundamentals we were talking about it.

And that’s where I drew the line.

I got pissed because I knew in that moment exactly what was holding him back and I knew that if he could just see his practice the way I saw it versus being so concerned about getting a pretty photo for instagram, his practice would SKYROCKET.

But the fundamentals aren’t pretty.

I told him:

“In my program we spend an ENTIRE MONTH working on just the fundamentals, if you aren’t willing to do them and re-learn them, good luck, you’re not a fit for this program.”

Sad, because he had so much potential but was being held back by the belief that “fancier is always more effective”. That’s a complete lie.

At the end of the day he was more committed to his need to be validated by strangers than to mastery of himself. Wrong energy.

And if you’ve been following me long enough, you know me. I could care less if you hate me or can’t stand my political UN-correctness. You can unsubscribe with one click and you don’t even need to bother telling me why.

A jellyfish in the atlantic ocean doesn’t spend one second apologizing for being a jellyfish.

Neither do I. I don’t spend ONE SECOND apologizing for WHO I AM.



Especially when you’re learning a skill that requires an extreme amount of patience and you’re potentially going to fall over hundreds and hundreds of times before you even see a glimmer of progress.


Are you willing to try something and fail over 1000 times and still maintain absolute faith in your vision?

Are you willing to fall over hundreds of times in *seemingly* simple things and find the success in every fall rather than the failure?

Are you willing to relearn how to walk? Because I am. Seriously.

Are you willing to MASTER FUNDAMENTALS without resistance and ego?

Are you willing to commit to yourself instead of instagram?

Let me repeat:




People often tell me they would be like to be a fly on the wall while I’m doing my training.

And I say, “Honestly, the fly would be pretty bored, I spend about 85-90% of my training session JUST working on basics.”

Please hear this:


For example, let’s talk specifically about press handstand for a second.

Here’s a list off the top of my head:

Arm strength
TVA strength
TVA stability
Shoulder strength
Shoulder stability
Lat strength
Back stability-strength
Serratus mobility
Active QL mobility
Hip flexor mobility
Power in the hip flexors
Glute strength and activation
Hamstring mobility/flexibility
Quad stability

And this is just the start...

AND this isn’t even taking into account the neurological and proprioceptive elements of the balance itself and what you need to do to train those!

I need you to understand that even a 1% IMPROVEMENT in any one of those areas contributes to your overall MASTERY. That’s adds up.

So, I ask you honestly…..Have you completely mastered all those things?


But I don’t turn a blind eye to them. I put a SPOTLIGHT on them.

I’m ALWAYS looking for areas to grow both as a practitioner AND a person.

That’s what this kind of practice does for us when we do it right.

And this is why we have the #1 Core Training Program on the planet (As said by the students currently in the program by the way) WE DON’T RUN FROM FUNDAMENTALS WE MASTER THEM.

I’ll say it one more time and then I’m done yelling at you for the day:


If you’re ready to work with us and join a league of absolute rockstar human beings:

Fill out the application, schedule a time to speak with us and let’s go.

Again, before you apply, this is the Bentley of online training programs. If you're expecting something cheap don't apply. This is the #1 Core and Press Handstand Training Program on the planet and the results speak for themselves. You're making an investment in yourself and your life.

And let me just warn you, anything other than your best on our first call together will result in you not being accepted into the program. We have a low acceptance rate as it is but if you show up anything other than your best it’ll be quick “no”.

- Brian

Ps. Since some of you guys are scheduling phone calls to try and book me for events or to work with me in some capacity outside of Body Breakthrough whether that's developing your practice or developing your yoga business, stop doing that. The phone calls are for students APPLYING FOR BODY BREAKTHROUGH ONLY. But here's what you can do:

If you'd like to book me for the entire day for anything you need help with it's $12,000 for the entire day. You can fly over to me in California OR we can do it over zoom (which is actually better for you because I'll give you a recording of the entire day). But PLEASE don't use the link until after you've spoken me. Reply to this email and verify with me that I actually have the availability first and we'll go from there (as I always say, no assholes please). My time is VERY LIMITED and I don't have much availability to do it on the fly, we'll have to preschedule it.

PPs. Here's more of our latest success stories from Body Breakthrough. No matter what level you're currently at, we can easily get you to where you want to go as long as you'll show up coachable (which is one of the major things we're looking for on the screening calls)

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