Luis Manzano Tweeted: Read this guys! :)

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Luis Manzano
Read this guys! :)…
Maroon 5 HQ
Less than 2 weeks until the #REDPILLBLUESTOUR begins!

Migs Santillan
Ohhhh yeah! Kicking off the afternoon drive of #FridayMadness on @Magic899! Don’t forget to send in your requests. 😆
sherrie ann torres
Senate Resolution 738 expressing the Senate’s stand to uphold the Constitution on the quo warranto petition vs Ma Lourdes Sereno issue. Petitioned signed by at least 14 senators @ABSCBNNews @ANCALERTS
David Gergen
A year into Mueller probe, what have we learned? Pls join us as we discuss @AC360 @CNN @JohnBerman
Tony Toni Slick Rick Sam YG
Thank you for joining us tonight! Catch you again next week! @djtonytoni @_slickrick @_lovesurvivor @_ricacruz @sam_yg @Magic899 #TodaysBestMusic #KamoteNights
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