Happy St. Patrick\'s Day! 50 Episodes Free!

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Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Get lucky with
50 episodes free!
Event Period: until Mar. 27 (PDT)

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Supernatural Sex

32 episodes are now 1 ticket off!
Event Period: until Mar. 21 (PDT)

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Free Comics

A Kiss to Save the World

Genre: Girls

Artist: fuyukawa yuno

Ep. 1 to 3 FREE! until Apr. 1 (PDT)

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Now Available

Her Majesty, Tied Down by a Servant

Genre: TL

Artist: Riku Soraumi

The red ropes dig deeper into my heated skin. Pleasure I've never experienced before paralyzes my body, and the shuddering heat escalates...

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Now Available

So in Love With My Sex Friend Boss

Genre: TL

Artist: Takana Tsukudani / Hibiki Kurono

Publisher: Comidia

"A wet spot is forming on your underwear. Can I lick it?" My superior caressed my sensitive privates relentlessly with his hot lips and tongue, making it twitch! My boyfriend's getting married!? I didn't know our relationship had died out! The one who comforted Mako, who had lost her confidence as a woman, was their company's most popular man, Mr. Kamishiro. "Try dictating a man tonight. It can be me." Pressured by his distinctive aura, Mako lets him whisper sweet words and take her clothes off. The kind Mr. Kamishiro changes drastically in front of her eyes... Burying his face into her breasts, he uses his pointed tongue to stimulate her nipples... I can feel something leaking! Even though I want him to stop... "I won't stop. I want to make you cry out loud more."

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Girls Discount

Back to High School Life

Genre: Girls

Artist: Mejiro Nanaki

1 ticket off! Ep. 2 to 8 until Mar. 22 (PDT)

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