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@andromeda101: You’re the one making claims out of your ass because i gave you evidence based off the canonical endings not just beating galactus with somebody like phoenix wright. Im talking about actual cutscenes where it states that Dante beat Galactus following the MVC3/UMVC3 story line. you clearly have not played the game enough to know what im talking about but you’re free to do so in your free time or at least watch the endings on youtube. Wesker is the main villain of the game who noticeably became more stronger than he was in RE5 mainly because he tried to fuse the 2 universes together along with doom and magneto but galactus saw it as immoral. after that they all team up to beat galactus but only a few chars i know of actually beat Galactus at full power from the capcom side. the 1s i know are Dante, Ryu, and Akuma. i play a ton of marvel so thats the source of my information. idk about yours

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