Unleash Your Creativity with Sub-D, Lattice, and Algorithmic Design

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Unleash Your Creativity with Sub-D, Lattice, and Algorithmic Design
Expand Your Horizons with Next-Gen 3D Modeling Tools
Learn about design tools that bring your products and creativity to the next level

When you connect your SOLIDWORKS data to the cloud, you unlock a whole new world of design possibilities.

From free form, subdivision surface modeling and traditional parametric modeling to algorithmic design, cloud-based 3DEXPERIENCE Works design solutions allow you to unleash your creativity and bring your products to the next level.
 WATCH THIS VIDEO to explore next-generation tools for all types of 3D modeling, including:

>>  Subdivision modeling for ergonomic and stylized design
>>  Lattice design to lightweight components and retain structural integrity
>>  Generative design that combines interactive 3D geometry and visual scripting
>>  Cloud-based parametric design

What’s best? These tools are made with enhancing your SOLIDWORKS data in mind. Get ready to unleash your creativity by complementing your existing SOLIDWORKS design with cutting-edge, cloud-based 3D modeling.
 REQUEST A QUOTE and take advantage of the hundreds of enhancements available in SOLIDWORKS 2024.

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