New Corner Bowl Server Manager Features Released

Create: 2023-05-23
Update: 2023-05-23
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New Features Released
Agent-Based Real-Time Event Log Monitoring

Hello! I've been working with quite a few customers that have recently implemented hardening policies such as Attack Surface Reduction Rules. One common theme I've discovered is that many IT departments are no longer able to remotely subscribe to WMI Events and in some cases WMI is entirely blocked on their networks.

I understand how these new hardening policies can reek havoc for IT professionals such as yourself.

In response, I have added Real-Time Event Log Monitoring to the Agent. Agents can now optionally maintain their connection to the Management Server, monitor Event Logs, apply filters locally then when entries pass, send them to the Management Server to process notifications and remediation actions such as our new IPS IIS IP Restriction Action.

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The reports of the audits are very straight to the point. The software unlike SPLUNK is extremely easy to setup and manage, which cuts time down while running audits.
Shane B.
System Security Officer US Government
Customer support is super. Very responsive always extra information.
Charles C.
Criminal Justice Systems Specialist
I really like the consolidated reports that show me network logon problems, disk space and consolidated event logs. They allow me to get out in front on problems before they become disasters.
Timothy H.
Information Technology Director

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Mike Janulaitis | Founder | Corner Bowl Software