[systemd/systemd] Systemd 244 Hibernation failed due to sys/power/resume and /sys/power/resume_offset has no matching entry in /proc/swaps (#14249)

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systemctl hibernation was working in 243 but failed in 244 with error:

Dec 04 17:21:09 liberty-pc systemd-logind[551]: /sys/power/resume and /sys/power/resume_offset has no matching entry in /proc/swaps; Hibernation will fail: resume=259:7, resume_offset=52582877

The resume_offset in kernel parameter is correctly set and hibernation works in version 243.

% cat /proc/swaps 
Filename				Type		Size	Used	Priority
/swapfile                               file		20971516	0	-2

% cat /proc/cmdline 
initrd=\intel-ucode.img initrd=\initramfs-linux.img root=PARTUUID=fd43dfa1-32dd-444e-a802-b1c696bd57be rootflags=subvol=/root resume=PARTUUID=fd43dfa1-32dd-444e-a802-b1c696bd57be resume_offset=52582877 zswap.enabled=1 zswap.compressor=zstd zswap.max_pool_percent=20 zswap.zpool=z3fold rw

Used distribution

Arch linux

Expected behaviour you didn't see

systemctl hbiernate should succeed

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