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north hero fx
this is the 13 th round come on guys thats not bullish -- we been talking to N Korea 20 plus years…
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WATCH: US Tsy Sec. Mnuchin To Hold Press Conference Approx. 18:45 BST
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Yogi Chan
According to reports:
* In: Ag buys, currency "pact"
* Unknown (not included): intellectual property/market access/industrial subsidies/tech transfers

Sounds like we're about to be sold a sugar-coated piece of shit
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Mark Scullion
Baker Hughes
RIGS +1 to 856
OIL +2 to 712, Gas -1 to 143
#OOTT #BakerHughs #ONGT
@TradersCom @staunovo @BrynneKKelly @chigrl
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Kayla Tausche
NEW: Mnuchin confirms the tariff hike on 10/15 will not go forward
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Lingling Wei 魏玲灵
The Chinese have always sought to do the negotiations in stages. The 40/40/20 plan last year. And again in September they started to propose that again, trying to narrow the focus of talks. (Check out @WSJ story on Sept. 12) They’re trying to drag it out and they’re winning.…
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