[Earn Credits] 62.50% Conversion Rate From PENNY Traffic?!

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Update: 2018-07-14
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I don't know if it
was a full moon or something
this weekend but I got the
AMAZING conversions from
Pennies 4 Profits.


I mailed 5600 leads
22% open rate (1232 opens)
324 clicks
37 optins
12 sales (55.00 x 12 = 660.00)


I mailed 5700 leads
24% open rate (1368 opens)
294 clicks
28 options
8 sales (55.00 x 8 = 440.00)

Yes, you read correctly.
Over 1000.00 in sales in
2 days from P4P leads.

If you use safelist on ANY level,
you really owe yourself to create
a P4P account. Mailing people that
just want to "click for credits" is
fine and works on a small level..

But mailing "leads" that are "expecting"
to hear from someone just like you about
biz opp, IM or MMO's. Now we're on a
completely different level here :)


Jenna Pauley
Lead Consultant

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