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Hi Asdhjk;gfdsszdx,

Do you know what a resume that lands a 6-figure job ACTUALLY looks like?

What about a cover letter that grabs a VIP at a name-brand company?

Or a proposal that leads to a $10,000 raise?

Have you ever seen one?

For most people, the answer is no. So how are you supposed to create one yourself if you've never even seen what a great resume or cover letter or proposal looks like?

(BTW, go to Google and search for “resume examples.” The examples look like a Smurf picked up a crayon and started drawing while eating an after-school snack. Oh, and yes, thank you for the advice on using 1.25” margins.)

If you’ve never actually seen what real 6-figure resumes look like, how would you know what excellence looks like? That's like asking someone to draw a map to a destination they've never been to. And yet, that's how most people hope to advance their career. 

There's a better way, and it's simple: Study the winners. 

Get advice from people who've actually gotten top-tier jobs — not people just echoing the same old trite job advice they read on some random blog. Study what the winners do.

Thousands of students have used Find Your Dream Job to land amazing jobs, connect with VIPs, and negotiate major raises and remote work. And they didn't do it by copying generic resume templates online. They did it by studying winning resumes, cover letters, and proposals in the program and using the templates that are included.

And you can, too.

Find Your Dream Job comes with an all-new Success Vault packed with REAL resumes, REAL cover letters, and REAL proposals that landed students Dream Jobs, amazing raises, and enviable perks.

Success Vault

Why look for free information on Google when you can study actual winners who secured top-tier jobs, $10,000 - $80,000 raises, and flexible careers? Your career is worth investing in.

See for yourself how to uplevel your job search and stand out, even if you're competing against hundreds of candidates. 

Only available in Find Your Dream Job.

Doors close on Friday 1/29.

Learn more about Find Your Dream Job

P.S. Why start from scratch when you can follow the Dream Job System and use all of the word-for-word email templates, interview and negotiation scripts, sample resumes and cover letters, and more? See everything you'll get when you join.

Find your Dream Job

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