IPAM + UDT – IP Address Management Meets Device Tracking

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IP address management meets device tracking | Find critical network addresses and user details with IP Control Bundle | DOWNLOAD FREE TRIAL
With the constant influx of network data you manage daily, combining the capabilities of effective network management tools is essential to maintaining a healthy network. SolarWinds® IP Address Manager (IPAM) and User Device Tracker (UDT) are prime examples of two products that ought to be used together to help leverage their full network management potential.
  • IPAM allows you to see MAC addresses
  • UDT give you the capability to see where your devices are located.
  • Combining the two can give you broader visibility into IP addresses, as well as device location, for faster network troubleshooting capabilities
SolarWinds IP Control Bundle (IPCB) gives you IPAM + UDT in an easy-to-install, single download package. The IP Control Bundle’s powerful combination of IPAM and UDT means no more wondering how your IP addresses and switch ports are assigned, how many you have available, or who’s using them!
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