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Dear autumnsamurai, Welcome to Chatango! Your screen name is: autumnsamurai Your password is: skate4life. Please verify your email by clicking https://chatango.com/evalidate?t=f4xNwc%2B4vlWgugU%2BRTHOXl2%2BqqW5aO8dhG6H66uRPxYcvIoMn2Y%3D 1. You can edit your profile picture and information by logging in at http://chatango.com 2. You have signed up from "Anime Lover's Chatroom" Chatango group. If you want to copy "Anime Lover's Chatroom" into YOUR OWN web page, go to http://animeotakuchatroom.chatango.com/clonegroup to choose colors and get the HTML code. To stay online for private messages download MessageCatcher. Click here to download: http://autumnsamurai.chatango.com/installer Enjoy! Chatango

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