Zero Trust Summit 2023

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Our Zero Trust Summit is back again this year after a fantastic 2022!

Join us on the 28th of February where John Kindervag will be giving us his thoughts on the Zero Trust Model. 

Agenda for the summit:

  • 10am - Applying a Zero Trust Mindset
  • 10:20am - Strengthening your Cyber Defence with a Data Security Maturity Model  
  • 10:40am - Fostering Collaboration between IT & Security Teams: A CIO Perspective
  • 11am - Building a roadmap to a Secure Hybrid Cloud
  • 11:20am - Getting a Head Start in the Race against Ransomware
  • 11:40am Surprise Guest (Trust me, you don't want to miss this!)
Register here or simply reply saying 'IN' and I can get you registered.
Look forward to seeing you at our Zero Trust Summit!
 Mohammed Oukil
 Business Development Representative at Rubrik   P  He/Him               M  07474884340

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