More coding less testing

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Picture a world where you can focus on coding, a magical world where you can ship your app without the pain of mobile app testing.  


That world isn't the stuff of fantasy. It's reality! And it's called Sofy.

Sofy empowers you to focus on the good stuff by:

  1. Providing you with cloud-based, pre-configured, and internally-maintained real devices to run your tests. 
  2. Handing you the ability to quickly automate repetitive and time-consuming testing tasks. 
  3. Identifying vulnerabilities before they occur and adjusting automatically for device sizes, screen resolution, and other form factors. 
  4. Freeing up manual testers to focus on more complex and creative tasks.
Schedule a time with us to learn more

Sofy can guide you towards scriptless automation testing while you focus on the fun part of your job – coding! 


Looking forward to hearing from you. 


Hyder from Sofy