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Empower your business with the choice to manage cloud, apps, security and data as a single entity in one platform. The Nutanix Starter Kit is the perfect solution for customers new to Nutanix looking to quickly and easily get started with the Nutanix Cloud Platform.

The Nutanix Starter Kit includes our leading hybrid multicloud platform, integrated virtualization, and one-click management, along with optional deployment and migration services, and education vouchers to get your IT staff the skills they might need. This kit can be deployed on any hardware within the Nutanix hardware compatibility list or on supported public or service provider clouds.

What’s included in the Starter Kit:
  • Nutanix Cloud Platform Software: The foundation for your a hybrid cloud environment
  • Deployment and Migration Services: Get the support you need to migrate your workloads
  • Education and Certification: Ensure your administrators have the knowledge and expertise they need to manage your Nutanix Cloud Platform

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