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Yellowbrick Data has been named a Strong Performer in the “2023 Gartner® Peer Insights™ Voice of the Customer: Cloud Database Management Systems” report. We are grateful that our customers have invested their time into providing real-world feedback.

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Experience Yellowbrick - the only cloud data warehouse built to meet the demands of high-performance data-driven applications, and enterprise analytics - for thousands of users with real-time data feeds, and complex mixed workloads.

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Analytics – The Glue That Makes Customers Sticky

By using data analytics to understand customer behavior, businesses can personalize their messages, predict outcomes, and segment customers. In this article, Tim Young, Yellowbrick's CMO, discusses how analytics can be used to make customers "sticky," or more likely to continue using a product or service.

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The Yellowbrick Challenge: Yellowbrick vs. Snowflake

It’s easy for us to tell you that we’re faster than the competitors in the data warehousing space, but it’s more valuable to show you how much faster we are than our competitors.

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