Go library for Parsing Ansible inventory files, Go gRPC server project structure., Love the editor too much,..

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Update: 2020-01-23
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The Go Programming Language Add Site
Go library for Parsing Ansible inventory files
By /u/donutloop, 2 hours ago · submitted by /u/donutloop [visit reddit] [comments] .. Read More →
Go gRPC server project structure.
By /u/2208Abhinav, 2 hours ago · I have read the tutorial on the official gRPC site and seen videos on youtube about how to work with gRPC in Go. But in all those tutorials they put all the co.. Read More →

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Glittered Journeys Promoted
Here at Glittered Journeys we thrive on creative solutions for ballroom dancers. We encour.. Read More →
Go Forum | Latest topics Add Site
Love the editor too much, how do we update after 10 edits?
By @fxamacker Faye Amacker, 5 hours ago · @fxamacker wrote: The editor is amazing and I love the emoji selection box with search field! I like that updating an existing post doesn’t move the post to th.. Read More →
Go test coverage for a file (not package)
By @alok_aggarwal Alok Aggarwal, 13 hours ago · @alok_aggarwal wrote: Hello, how to get go test coverage number for a file (not package)? e.g. I have a package xyz and two .go files in it abc.go def.go. I al.. Read More →
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