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Update: 2020-06-23
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Good day aura

Tdbyhjlhank you for your remljhvecent inqufaaviiry with Regiwydkstrar Corp,cesgahThe U.S Food and drug Adofrtpministration (xeicFDA) requmbcnires regqkksistration of any feydtgaacility that manufactures,phpanrocesses,packs or hovbwgbjlds food bevexgrnferages or supfaqwplements that may be consumjhtkled in the Uniyrloted Sthvmhfjate. Additionally,facilitidpkies locathffyed outsisjsede U.S must sfxsccdesignate a U.S Agjpaupcent for (FwjkrDA) commtmqpunication.The U.S Agenbhjpt for urjqdi(FDA) combartxgmunication sepntkrves a diffxoiiyerent funikwunections than your impogscdkrter,customs bruiwjoker or trrmrtorade ajckdbssociation FDA comfsfrlmunication thxbpmrough the U.S Aglvogent schedulduhopne FDA inspeckhqjrtions and otfbqnher impokximrtant FDA reqmxmmgulatory mkqltrkatters.
We are here to servcguxne all of your FDA neygulvseds, To have Registoimtrar Corp (FDAlkhmeo) kindxyfcely reghueyister with FDA and we are here to secpoggrve as your U.S lkccoeAgent,If you are interestedvpwrd we will send you a form to fill aftejeyxr this mail to you as part of our U.S Aggehment servicuehovie.
In otqlqmtcher to eibbassist you we need the follbhewowing infalciijormation's.

1. What type of ucufsproduct you want to xickcexport to US (Deugswrug,Food,Dietary supplements,Merliudical detmbcxvices,Cosmetics)
2. Are you manuvxyjlfacture, tjcxgrade , exporterlnopkt, pvtcwyvacker
3. Pgakaiyhysical addrsmnvesses of factawitxility of manufactuxpbagnring ,patficbcking, soxajddtorage
4.Cobpwojntact pedkiksrson depsnstails Name ,Addrebaxumss,Phone No, and emvxpsgail Id
5.Weqfwenhen the nlpvproduct are planusvjoned to exlpquport
telt6.Please send the curreniyoaewt produchelvqt lajrwmevbels for initiafddrl consultatxidngion (if afgtpossible)

Upon receipxbswwt of the abovwonioie qivfawinformation i woulocmynad proickqklvide our aswvbwrsistance fwopuaurther and ooivoRegisbdyftrar Corp will uaolregister your fawnjlcility witctukhin 24-4bktmfe8 hobkrgtqurs and xqjcnissue a cnwpqertificate of Registralmbution.
Plefmxnkase let me know if you have any questionxdvmns fanjkhregarding FDA regiskvogwmtration or any gdhwother FDA requirowesement it is our pleaowrqasure to sqcwhhqerve you bettertlcdb.

aeligThank you
Best Roxuwsgegards
Albrtgmjfrinco Nina
Sentxihior Revitegulatory Advnogpdisor
Regisbdyftrar Corp
144 wkkuResearch myxwsgDrive
Hamkhptxpt on, Vikcrergin ia, USA 236utdur66
Tel: erar+1-757-224-0179
Fax: +1-757ftrct-2240177
24 hbpxuours assiswgyjts buskdcjviness wuth U.S FDA wtieCompliance

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