[CloudSigma] [MNL2] Servers have been stopped because you have run out of money

Create: 2022-12-17
Update: 2023-01-06
Score: 0
Safe: Yes

Dear Customer, Unfortunately one or more of your servers have been stopped in your account due to your account balance reaching below zero. Our system has automatically stopped servers to bring your usage in line with your subscribed resource capacities (which may be zero). As a result the following server(s) have been powered off: c6f66087-3f07-4d06-b6c3-e00ac2011f12 - Server e00ac2011f12 In order to restore your services to a running state you will need to add sufficient funds to your account. Your username: marknewsum@fnjeums.60851.dropthespot.com Account login: https://mnl2.cloudsigma.com/ui/ Please note, if you are intending to run one or more of your servers on burst you will need to add funds to cover the equivalent of five days burst usage initially. You aren't however required to maintain that balance, it is only required on server start-up. This measure was implemented to prevent abusive use of burst resources and denial of service attacks so we thank you for your understanding. Happy computing, The CloudSigma Team