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Upcoming Cisco Developer Webinars, Events, and Workshops

Get ready for the DevNet Zone at Cisco Live

Learn and elevate your practice at Cisco Live. Available now, DevNet Learning Maps offer a sequenced session path to help you get the most out of your Cisco Live experience. Explore these Cisco Live DevNet Learning Maps via these webpages and videos:

  • Bringing DevOps to Life → Video | Web
  • Dev + Sec + Ops = Success → Video | Web
  • Getting Started with Cloud Native → Video | Web
  • Observability and Beyond → Video | Web
  • Infrastructure-as-Code → Video | Web

View the full Cisco Live video playlist

Register now: Beyond SBOMs: The Future of Software Supply Chain Security May 17, 2023 | 10:00 am PT

The first webinar in our new Iterate series, join Cisco distinguished engineer Ed Warnicke and Cisco head of product marketing Michael Chenetz as they discuss software supply chain mistakes of the mid-2000s that are being replicated in a cloud-native world.

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Upcoming Test Drive Events

You’re invited! Join us for in-person events in a city near you featuring Cisco Security and Cisco Programmability Test Drive.

Security Test Drive events
Experience an automation-first approach by creating repeatable, consistent detections and responses using Cisco security tools and their corresponding APIs. Topics covered include:

  • Python and REST API Basics
  • Threat Hunting with Security APIs
  • Automate Threat Response with SecureX APIs
  • Orchestrate SOC operations with SecureX

Find a list of cities and dates, and register. Space is limited.

Programmability Test Drive: IOS-XE Programmability with Ansible and Model Drive Telemetry
In this workshop, discover how to use Ansible to automate Cisco network infrastructure and collect Model Driven Telemetry (MDT) from IOS-XE. Join the Cisco Enterprise Networking architecture team for a one-day in-person instructor-led hands-on programmability experience.

Explore agenda here.

May Technical Workshop Series

Get Hands-on with Cloud Native Security
Wednesday, May 17, @ 9:00 AM PT

Get Hands-on with API Security and Panoptica
Wednesday, May 24, @ 9:00 AM PT

Calisti Workshop: Learn to Deploy, Manage, and Troubleshoot your Service Mesh
Thursday, May 18, @ 9:00 AM PT

Calisti Workshop: Simplify Apache Kafka Management using Calisti Streaming Data Manager
Thursday, May 25, @ 9:00 AM PT

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Secure Your Seat at Automation Developer Days in Stockholm – May 9-11

Learn how NetDevOps brings network development and operations teams closer to enable agility, better quality, and innovation.

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Developer Resources

Get ready for the DevNet Zone at Cisco Live

DevOps has been shifting operations ‘left’ and gaining relentless forward momentum. It’s time we did the same with security.

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Who is adopting zero trust?

Read this new comprehensive report that investigates the adoption of different zero trust approaches and the resulting challenges and benefits for developers.

Read the Zero Trust Research Report

Protect your organization with zero trust

Cisco partnered with SlashData to survey more than 800 of developers at small, medium and large-sized enterprises to understand the biggest security concerns across the industry. The result? A comprehensive report that investigates the adoption of different zero trust approaches, and the resulting challenges and benefits for developers.

View report

Featured DevNet Sandboxes and Learning Labs:

Getting started with AppDynamics Application Monitoring -- Learn how you can use AppDynamics to monitor the health of your application services.
Learning Lab | Sandbox

Get started with application and API security with Panoptica.
Learning Track

Introduction to ThousandEyes -- Learn how to interact with ThousandEyes webhooks and how to develop integrations with platforms such as Webex Teams.
Learning Lab

ICYMI: Recent Cisco Developer Blogs

Mel Delgado


Developer Advocate

Future-proofing Observability with OpenTelemetry

OpenTelemetry (OTel) has emerged as a valuable framework for collecting performance data from every potentially observable component within a system, at every layer of the IT stack. Find out what it is and how it can help you achieve unified system observability.

Mat DeNapoli


Developer Advocate

Bridging the Gap Between App Development and IT Ops

Find out how full stack observability goes beyond application monitoring, and why it’s a top priority for IT teams.

Alexander Stevenson


Engineer - DevRel Developer Success, DevNet

Tools Gold! Sifting Through the Pool of DevOps Tools

Learn about the “DevOps Shop” video series - presenting relatable, real-world tips and tools to developers, ops, and networking professionals.

Pat Janakiram


Developer Advocate for Cloud Programmability

Automating Observability with AppDynamics Cloud APIs

See how you can automate observability using AppDynamics Cloud APIs, allowing you to focus on mission critical business applications and user experience.

Ray Stephenson


Director, Strategy and Planning - Developer Relations

Why Quality APIs Matter to Your Business

As vital building blocks of services-based systems, APIs can make all the difference in how you and your customers deliver. Read why prioritizing API quality is top business priority.

Get your technical questions answered

The Cisco Community is one of the best places to engage when you have technical questions. But did you know there is a specific area for you called the Developer Hub? Every weekday there is a new conversation to join, including fun ones such as "What is your Music to Code By?"

Stop by, say hi, and introduce yourself!

DevNet Associate Fundamentals Course Transition

The DevNet Associate Fundamentals Course is evolving to better serve our developer community! As part of this transition, we are no longer accepting orders or renewals for this course. Fear not, as the opportunity to earn CEC credits and expand your knowledge continues at the Cisco Learning Network Store. Explore a diverse range of innovative courses designed to enhance your skills and keep you at the forefront of the industry.

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