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Do you want to be alerted when your stock reaches certain valuations? Or bought by its CEO? Or bought by Gurus?

GuruFocus My Portfolios feature that will do just that. Inside the My Portfolios section of the site is a fully customizable alert system that allows users to be automatically notified of any pre-defined price or fundamental metric target. This allows investors to not only be notified when it is time to sell, but also to be alerted when your wish list stocks fall into value parameters.

You can build your watch list there or upload your portfolios there. After you set up the email alerts, you won’t miss any of the key movement of your positions. There are also Customized Alerts with which you can be notified of stocks reaching any number of fundamental, valuation, growth or quality metrics.

Portfolio Overview

The complete User Portfolio / Email Alert tutorial can be found here:

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Whenever you have any suggestions or feedback, please leave us a note at Contact Us. 


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