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Thanks for riding, Qamarina hanani
We hope you enjoyed your ride this morning.
Base FareCA$3.17
Kennedy Road-Warden Avenue CA$0.49
407ETR44 Simcoe Street>Harmony Road Highway Eastbound CA$0.64
Dixie Road-Highway 410 CA$0.87
Highway 427-Goreway Drive Westbound CA$1.26
Bathurst Street- Yonge Street Eastbound CA$0.55
Yonge Street-Bathurst Street westbound CA$0.87
Markham Road-McCowan Road CA$0.82
Mississauga Road-Highway 401 CA$2.07
Mavis Road-Mississauga Road CA$1.27
Hurontario, Mavis Road CA$0.90
Mississauga Road-Mavis Road CA$0.82
Mavis Road, Hurontario CA$0.58
Bramalea Road- Airport Road Highway Eastbound CA$0.80
Airport Road Highway Westbound-Bramalea Road CA$1.24
Goreway Drive-Highway 427 Eastbound CA$0.82
Markham Road, Ninth Line CA$0.52
McCowan Road-Markham Road CA$0.53
Yonge Street-Bayview Avenue Highway Eastbound CA$0.49
Ninth Line-Markham Road CA$0.81
Ninth Line-Donald Cousens Pkwy CA$0.43
Highway 410-Dixie Road CA$0.56
Hurontario-Highway 410 CA$0.54
Highway 410-Hurontario CA$0.84
Donald Cousens Pkwy-Ninth Line CA$0.66
Donald Cousens Pkwy-York Durham Line CA$0.75
York Durham Line-Brock Road CA$1.99
Brock Road-York Durham Line CA$3.07
Pine Valley Drive-Weston Road CA$0.55
Weston Road-Pine Valley Drive CA$0.87
Keele Street Highway Westbound-Jane Street CA$0.88
Jane Street-Keele Street Highway Eastbound CA$0.56
Keele Street-Dufferin Street Eastbound CA$0.89
Leslie Street-Bayview Avenue CA$0.53
Dufferin Street- Keele Street Westbound CA$1.41
Dufferin Street-Bathurst Street CA$0.55
Woodbine Avenue-Warden Avenue CA$0.53
Warden Avenue-Woodbine Avenue CA$0.81
Warden Avenue-Kennedy Road CA$0.49
Kennedy Road-McCowan Road CA$0.56
McCowan Road-Kennedy Road CA$0.87
Brock Road-Lake Ridge Road Eastbound CA$1.42
Baldwin Street-Thickson Road CA$0.37
Simcoe Street-Thickson Road CA$0.83
Harmony Road-Simcoe Street CA$0.64
Harmony_Enfield CA$1.18
407ETR31 Highway 404>Woodbine Avenue Highway Westbound-Weekday CA$0.38
Highway 400-Jane Street CA$0.82
407ETR31 Highway 404>Woodbine Avenue Highway Eastbound-Weekday CA$0.38
407ETR19 Highway 427>Highway 27 Westbound flat fee CA$1.00
Bramalea Road-Dixie Road CA$1.13
407ETR11 Mississauga Road>Mavis Road Eastbound flat fee CA$1.00
407ETR10 Highway 401>Mississauga Road Westbound flat fee CA$1.00
407ETR19 Highway 427>Highway 27 Highway Westbound-Weekday CA$0.51
Enfield_Taunton CA$1.08
407ETR15 Dixie Road>Bramalea Road Highway Eastbound-Weekday CA$0.66
Airport Road- Goreway Drive CA$1.12
407ETR10 Highway 401>Mississauga Road Eastbound flat fee CA$1.00
Highway 404-Leslie Street CA$1.00
Weston Road-Highway 400 CA$0.98
Wait Time CA$5.72
Booking Fee CA$2.75
Out of Region SurchargeCA$352.26
Brampton Fee Recovery SurchargeCA$0.30
11/2/23 12:24 PM
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1001.61 kilometers | 9 h 3 min
3:20 AM
2038 Embleton Rd, Brampton, ON L6X 0C8, CA
12:24 PM
10 Home St, Guelph, ON N1H 2E5, CA
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