[Register Now] Yellowbrick’s Virtual Hands-On Workshop

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Join us and your peers in data, analytics, and IT for a virtual live workshop led by Yellowbrick experts.

More of the seeing is believing type? Dive deep into our modern and open elastic data warehouse, and witness how Yellowbrick’s architecture allows you to take back control of your data and modernize your analytics.


Register for our Yellowbrick Virtual Hands-On Workshop on Wednesday, March 22nd, and get insights into:


– Understanding Yellowbrick’s hybrid multi-cloud architecture and differentiation.

– Try it for yourself: Run your own SQL queries against our sample datasets.

– Gain a deep understanding of Yellowbrick’s provisioning and management tooling.

– Learn strategies for migration.


You can register here (and feel free to share with your team!). 


We hope to see you there!


P.S. If this date doesn't work check out our live demo calendar where we are hosting sessions every other month.