Setting up an auth connector + adding teammates to Teleport

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Hopefully, you’ve had a chance to connect your first resource, and now it’s time to start adding your teammates to Teleport. Follow the steps below to add additional users and to define specifics roles & levels of access:

Manually add a teammate to Teleport
  • First, log in to Teleport and navigate to 'Team' in the sidebar.
  • Add teammates by clicking on ‘Users’ then 'Create New User'. You’ll be provided a URL to share with the new user that will allow them to set a password for their account.
Set up an auth connector
  • To make adding users easier, you can add an auth connector to quickly integrate with your identity provider. Click on ‘Auth Connectors’ in the sidebar and follow the setup instructions outlined in the docs, linked above.
Create and edit roles
  • To create a role, navigate to ‘Roles’ in the sidebar and click ‘Create New Role’.
  • Define your new roles by customizing the yaml file provided for each individual role.

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