[CloudSigma] [SJC] Your drives have been deleted from your account

Create: 2022-05-28
Update: 2022-05-29
Score: 0
Safe: Yes

Dear Customer, Your account balance has been below zero for 1 month now. As a result our system has deleted the drives that were in your account: da68ee87-f7f3-4911-9a3d-6beba321aa79 - Hdd 64709994-f525-49a8-a1ad-fcb3995c09d4 - Hdd We hate to lose any customer; we strive to improve our service each and every day and need your feedback. We have a two minute survey that helps us to understand your needs better: http://cld.sg/HCoGJ6 . Happy computing, The CloudSigma Team