Ranking tips from Google, Nextdoor in Moz Local, and much more!

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Greetings, Moz fan! There's only a little bit left of 2020 but, fear not, there's plenty still to come in the land o' Moz.

In this edition we're serving up an exciting update in Moz Local, link building in 2021, and ranking tips straight from the source. Let's dive in!

Insights by fire

Cozy up with all the great ranking tips that came out of our fireside chat with Google's John Mueller. 

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🌟 Watch and learn 🌟

[Watch] Ready for more backlinks in 2021? Britney Muller tells us how in part two of her Whiteboard Friday series.

[Watch] Our amazing onboarding team shows us the most effective way to get keyword data in Moz Pro. 

[Learn] What impacted Google My Business the most in 2020? Read on for our list. 

[Learn] MozCon is going virtual for 2021 and with pricing just for Moz customers! Claim your discount. 


Right Nextdoor

We just added Nextdoor to the Moz Local dashboard for Elite plan users! Get the deets on this rad new update.

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Did ya know? 🎓

There's a way to kickstart your link building adventures in Moz Pro! Using Link Opportunities in Campaigns, you can set up and track mentions of your brand (or phrases related to your brand), which don't include a backlink to you or anyone else. Use this for some quick link outreach wins!

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