Corner Bowl Server Manager Auto-Configurator Tutorial Released

Create: 2023-10-25
Update: 2023-10-25
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Auto-Configurator Video Tutorial
with Corner Bowl Server Manager

Hello, and happy 3rd quarter. We've had several customers reach out asking for a video tutorial on our Auto-Configurator, which, if you are unaware, enables network administrators to automatically add computers found in Active Directory to Server Manager, then, automatically assign templates and reports. I just finished up the video and want to share it with you all right away.

How to Auto-Configure Active Directory Computers

New Updates

We have been hard at work adding new Templates and Reports for our customers, however, the most noteworthy new feature is a full port to Linux enabling the Management Service to run on Red Hat and Ubuntu. If you are one of our customers that needs to manage stand-alone air gapped Linux Servers to meet NIST and JSIG compliance, Corner Bowl Server Manager is now capable of fulfilling those requirements. Please feel free to reach out for a remote session demo at your convivence.

What's Next?

We are excited to let you all know that our next build of Server Manager includes updates to enable the Windows Agent to monitor CPU, Memory and Performance Counters every second. You'll also find the Host Inventory Report has been totally overhauled enabling users to assign columns from any Template to each Host's line item, for example, the new Sample Host Inventory Report displays CPU and Memory gauges that update in real-time. Also worth noting, our Summary Reports now update CPU and Memory charts in real-time. One final new feature I need to mention, Syslog Backup has been implemented enabling classified systems customers to backup Syslogs to CSV and Text format fulling the NIST requirement.

Read what other customers are saying...

The reports of the audits are very straight to the point. The software unlike SPLUNK is extremely easy to setup and manage, which cuts time down while running audits.
Shane B.
System Security Officer US Government
Customer support is super. Very responsive always extra information.
Charles C.
Criminal Justice Systems Specialist
I really like the consolidated reports that show me network logon problems, disk space and consolidated event logs. They allow me to get out in front on problems before they become disasters.
Timothy H.
Information Technology Director

Best regards,
Mike Janulaitis | Founder | Corner Bowl Software