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I wrote an eBook for you...

...go download it now at no charge right here.

The free eBooks that I share with you as a member of the Rich Dad community are meant to be read in 10 mins or less with one impactful lesson. They’re aren’t meant to tell you how to do something but why you should be doing something.

This one in particular is a result of so many people asking me for advice. I can’t tell you the number of people just on Twitter alone what they should be investing in. This made me realize that I needed a way to answer the question in a way the most people would understand.

The title of the eBook is Rich Dad’s 7 Levels of Investors, and as you can probably tell, I named it this because everyone is at a different stage in their investing journey. But the key was to be able to differentiate the mindset of those investors because I believe that you can’t plan for the future without knowing where you are today. It’s like you trying to race the Tour De France but you still have training wheels on your bike.

Rich Dad’s 7 Levels of Investors

Book Cover

That’s why understanding the seven levels of investors is so important. Knowing the levels lets you match your education to your investment. It also helps you prepare for what lies ahead. It lets you recognize what experience you will need to become the best investor you can be.

Information like this should be shared with your friends and family. Forward this email to someone who could benefit from my lessons. Success is meant to be shared.

To making life better,
- Robert Kiyosaki


P.S. - Im making this eBook available for this week only. Don’t wait to get a jump on your financial education. Download Rich Dad’s 7 Levels of Investors now.


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