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Update: 2023-05-31
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Corey Quinn turns around and invests in LocalStack

Up until recently, prominent cloud screamer and Chief Cloud Economist at The Duckbill Group, Corey Quinn, has been very vocal about his skepticism surrounding local development for cloud applications. The reason behind his concern was the vast number of AWS services and APIs being a major challenge. That all changed when he decided to have a chat with the LocalStack founders. Learn about how Corey Quinn now not only embraces the once-refuted advantages of local cloud development, he actually even became an investor.

“LocalStack can lower costs when it comes to safely training developers, building efficient workloads, and, sure, standing up ridiculous websites. The breadth of AWS API coverage LocalStack has managed to deliver is rather breathtaking...”


Corey Quinn

Chief Cloud Economist at

  The Duckbill Group

Read all about how Corey spun up 35 services in 90 seconds and how we managed to anticipate the needs of developers and bring cost saving and efficient workloads to our users.

2.0 General

We have some hands-on LocalStack 2.0 tech demos for you!

With the 2.0 release, LocalStack offers the most comprehensive local cloud development platform that enables our users and customers to continue boosting their individual productivity and team collaboration.


In this session recording, we take a look at LocalStack 2.0, discuss what's new in LocalStack and what it means for our community and users. The session features some hands-on demonstrations of the new features, a sneak peek into our upcoming roadmap, and much more!


Download the Slides

Localstack 2.1.0

📢 LocalStack 2.1.0 is live now!

We're excited to announce the release of LocalStack v2.1.0! With new features like OpenSearch 2.5 support and cross-account compatibility, this release is a incremental step for streamlining your AWS development. Read on for the full run-down of what's new and what's changed


KnowBe4 redefines their local cloud development using LocalStack

KnowBe4 is migrating its old monolithic PHP-based application to an AWS Serverless model, using LocalStack for testing and integration of their automated audits & compliance platform. In this case study, we talk with Kevin Breton, VP of engineering at KnowBe4, about their experience using LocalStack to redefine their local cloud development & testing.

“LocalStack has been a game changer in terms of development speed and efficiency for our team migrating our monolithic application to a serverless Node.js stack on AWS.”


Kevin Breton

VP of Engineering at KnowBe4