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Stop doing this when you face running setbacks...

You trained a little too hard and got an injury that set you back 8 weeks...

You didn’t qualify for the Boston Marathon…

You attempted to break your goal time the last few years to no end…

You’re getting older and can’t run and strength train on the same day...

Listen up.

It’s not your fault. I am not messing around here. I mean it.

And here’s why…
  • You are determined to push yourself and meet your goals. In the future, you’ll know to listen to your body.
  • Thousands of people try to qualify for the Boston Marathon. You showed up. That counts. Be proud of yourself.
  • Even the world’s best athletes need support on their journeys towards greatness.
  • Everyone ages. It’s okay if you have to strength train and run on different days.

Honestly, deep down in the pit of your stomach, you know it’s not your fault. Some things are out of your control.

Sometimes you need help.

Like personalized training programs, pacing guides, workout plans, support from knowledgeable coaches, and a community who pushes you daily.

I know running is usually done alone...

But being part of a team pays off when it comes to hitting your goals and becoming a faster runner.

I want you to experience this for yourself…

So, I’m offering you a 14-day free trial to Run Team.

No strings attached.

Generous, I know...

But I’m not going to keep this deal up forever (really).

So hurry and sign up while you still can.  

- Greg

P.S. I’m going to brag a bit 😏. We’ve had over 10,000 runners qualify and run in the Boston Marathon.

If you want to be one of them, unlock your 14-day free trial right now.


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