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Thanks for riding, himansu
We hope you enjoyed your ride this morning.
TotalUS$ 62.70
Trip fare was recalculated from original price presented at time of booking.
Base fareUS$ 1.08
TimeUS$ 11.88
DistanceUS$ 33.55
SubtotalUS$ 46.51
RFK_Bridge_Bronx-to-Queens/Manhattan US$ 6.12
Wait Time US$ 1.46
Booking fee US$ 2.40
Long pick-up fee US$ 2.67
NY Black Car Fund US$ 1.48
TNC assessment fee US$ 2.06
Amount Charged 
•••• 5077
US$ 62.70
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Rasier-NY, LLC (TNC170002)
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35.69 miles | 49 min(s)
3:18 am
55 Bank St, White Plains, NY 10606, USA
4:08 am
350 41st St, Brooklyn, NY 11232, USA
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