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Migracam is free to download on the iTunes and Android app stores.
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Texas is now enforcing one of the most anti-immigrant laws in the country. Texans are being harassed and detained on an unprecedented scale, so the ACLU Border Rights Center created the MigraCam app. With MigraCam, users can stream live video to emergency contacts and share their location if stopped, arrested or raided by immigration authorities.

Learn more about the MigraCam app.

Seconds after MigraCam is opened, your emergency contacts will receive a text and email with a customized message and video to watch live.

In addition to streaming live video to emergency contacts, MigraCam features urgent alerts, notifications, location sharing, and Know Your Rights videos for your car, your home, or at the border. The app is available in English and Spanish.

Download the MigraCam app for Android and iPhone today.


Astrid Dominguez ACLU Border Rights Center, Director

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