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We would like to announce the launch of Social Links OSINT Academy. This is a joint project of the private investigation agency and Social Links. The lecture series consists of a complete video course on the application of 900+ Social Links Transforms for Maltego software.

What will I get?

After taking the Social Links OSINT Academy, you'll be able to identify the SL transforms you need for your projects and then to:

  • Collect data for your investigations from multiple OSINT sources by using transforms;

  • Analyze the automatically created links on a large visual canvas;

  • Display your findings in vibrant graphs;

  • Customize the software settings and Transform parameters to suit your needs.

We'll explore each category and give you all the tools needed for investigation and research. For example, you'll learn how to do the following:

  • Find and analyze Facebook profiles and pages

  • Identify hidden (private) mutual friends for a Facebook profile

  • Identify social networks based on email, photos and accounts

  • Investigate with SL in forums, markets and boards on the Dark Web

  • Create sets that automate your work

  • Work with transforms in messenger apps such as Telegram and WhatsApp

  • Use graph templates to get started quickly and easily

The course provides a detailed introduction for each transform package as well as the possible results containing actual or linked entities. Plus, you'll get templates for "start entities." Beyond the topics of SL transforms, you'll learn how to apply a different layout to a graph and see how it affects analysis. The course focuses on exercises that teach you the time-saving techniques. You'll build skills quickly!

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