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Thanks for ordering, Adam
Here's your receipt for Atlanta's Best Wings (Decatur).
Total $44.13
Combo 1
  Choose your wing sauce
  Medium ($0.00)
  Choose your wing dressing
  Ranch Dressing ($0.00)
  Choose Your Side
  Onion Rings ($1.50)
  Choose your drink
  Diet Coke ($0.00)
Combo 3
  Choose your meat
  Steak ($0.00)
  Choose your side
  French Fries ($0.00)
  Choose your wing sauce
  Hot ($0.00)
  Choose your wing dressing
  Ranch Dressing ($0.00)
  Choose your drink
  lemonade ($0.00)
Subtotal $41.47
Priority Delivery $1.49
Priority Fee taxes $0.12
Tax $4.12
Promotion -$7.00
Service Fee $6.00
Discount -$2.07
Delivery Fee $3.99
Delivery Discount -$3.99
Amount Charged  
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You ordered from Atlanta's Best Wings (Decatur)
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4003 Harvest Run, Clarkston, GA
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Delivered by Javier
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