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End Your Summer With A Bang
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Hey marie,

Wow, summer is flying by! The thought of school being around the corner might not have crossed your mind...but it is closer than you think. Follow our tips to make sure you maxed out your Summer and had fun while also prepping for back-to-school.

1. Personal Growth 🌱

Look back to yourself at the start of this summer or end of last summer. How have you become a better version of yourself since then? Did you take up a new hobby? Develop new interests or tastes? If last summer your big accomplishment was learning how to floss, and you're still banking on that this summer, its time to learn a new trick! There is still time, even with social distancing in place, learn how to cook, take up an instrument, adopt an exercise routine, read a book...or two. Do something truly enriching while there is still time this summer. It will make you more interesting and your life more fulfilling!

2. Do Something That Scares Your 👻 

No this does not mean shoot off fireworks in your backyard — full stop. Short of endangering yourself, the summer should be about expanding your horizons. Every time you attempt something you are afraid of you are taking a calculated risk. Don't let this summer fly by without exiting your comfort zone. Attempt to make new friends, try public speaking, pursue a romantic interest respectfully, and seriously do something that gives you sweaty palms and butterflies in your stomach. Those are the moments that you will look back on fondly one day and be glad you took action. 

3. Take School Seriously 📖

Whether you are a straight-A student, a big-time slacker, or anything in between, make this the summer you take your education to the next level.  Find your motivation, be it better grades, a chance to get into your dream school or post-grad program, or landing a job that makes bank. There really are no shortcuts, certain things in school you have to learn to reach your goals.

The best way to get there?

You don't need to just work hard, but also smart. Study the right way for 30 minutes and you can accomplish a lot more than an hour of studying without the right material. This summer you can work smart towards your school goals with our free online STEM Bootcamps. 4-weeks of short lessons taught by PhD's that will whip you into shape heading into the school year. Prep with specific lessons on topics from over 10 different STEM subjects, and guarantee yourself success this school year.

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   Mary Grant
   Student Success Manager
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