LocalStack 2.0 release, Community Event, and more!

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LocalStack 2.0 Release

LocalStack 2.0 is here!

We are excited to announce the release of LocalStack 2.0. Our next-generation cloud emulation platform significantly improves parity, performance, and efficiency for a better development and testing experience for your cloud applications. With the 2.0 release, LocalStack offers the most comprehensive local cloud development platform, enabling our users and customers to continue boosting their productivity and team collaboration. Take a look at the impressive list of new features and enhancements, and find out how you can benefit by upgrading to the latest release!

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LocalStack2.0 Community Release Party MeetUp

Register for our LocalStack 2.0 Community Event!

We are conducting our eighth community event to announce the general availability of LocalStack 2.0. In this session, we will look at LocalStack 2.0, discuss what's new in LocalStack, and what it means for our community and users. The session would feature some hands-on demonstration of the new capabilities, a sneak peek into our latest enhancements, as well as an outlook of new features we have in the pipeline. RSVP for the event and join us on April 19th on Google Meet to interact with us!

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LocalStack DeveloperHub

Check out our all-new Developer Hub!

The LocalStack Developer Hub fulfils our goal of providing our community of cloud application developers with a constantly evolving source of inspiration, knowledge, and documentation. It has been designed with the needs of developers in mind, and we are confident it will become a valuable resource for those eager to explore LocalStack’s vast capabilities. We are excited to share this new platform with our users - and we look forward to building it out further, based on your feedback and suggestions. The Developer Hub currently focuses on two main types of content: (1) Tutorials provide concrete examples of how developers can use LocalStack to build powerful, cloud-based use cases, and (2) Applications showcase real-life scenarios to demonstrate the parity of LocalStack with real AWS. 

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TestContainers Official Modules Program

Announcing our partnership with Testcontainers Official Modules Program

Testcontainers has become an important technology for integration testing & local development with LocalStack. We are proud to be a launch partner for AtomicJar’s new Testcontainers Official Modules Program. Learn more about it on AtomicJar’s announcement page.

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Participate in AWS Builders Day, Zürich

AWS Builders Day Switzerland on June 1st in Zürich is a go. Participate in developer-focused talks and hands-on workshops brought to you by GitLab, SonarSource, Red Hat, and LocalStack! Save the date and stay tuned for more.

Help us improve LocalStack!

Help us improve LocalStack and fill out this quick 3 question survey! Your input will guide our efforts to build sample use cases, to improve parity and to generally help us polishing the developer experience and to make it easier for you to build & test AWS apps locally. Help us improve LocalStack and fill out this quick 3 question survey (Link)! Your input will guide us to polish our developer experience and make it easier for you to build & test AWS apps locally. Please participate in our community survey and stand a chance to win some exciting schwag and prizes!

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