NEW! Supercharged MATH Curriculum!

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This is BRAND NEW! 


I’ve recently released a complete homeschool math curriculum!


If you're interested in learning more or enrolling (for 4th - 8th grade), please visit this link.


I’ll be using the same teaching method that I do in Science, and focusing on getting your kids totally excited to learn math.


I guarantee this is the best and most fun math curriculum your kids have ever used or I’ll give you a full refund!


And, I'm going to make available to you at 75% off the regular price!


If you or your kids think math is boring, or maybe your kids ask why they have to learn it and you really don't know what to say, then this new curriculum is for you.


Remember, I started out as an engineer and worked for NASA.  We used math as a tool to design things in the real world – Things like Engines, Rockets, Robots.  It was totally practical and hands-on.


THIS is the way I'll teach it to your kids.  They'll learn math in a practical way that makes sense to them and is WAY easier than boring textbooks and tedious worksheets.


This is a complete video-based curriculum, including lessons, examples, engaging worksheets (not the boring kind) and complete support for any and all of your math questions.


Each week it will include live zoom classes also.



If you want to try my new math curriculum, you can join for just $87 for a full year of content, or just $16 per month.  (the regular price is about 4 times this much.)


I mean you get the entire curriculum, for less than 25 cents per day.


Of course, there's a full 30-day guarantee.  If you don't like it, you get a full refund.  No hoops, no hassles.


Click this link to try my new math curriculum


And if you have questions, just reply to this email.


Most kids I’ve taught math to discover that they really like math AND that they can be good at it… Even if they were frustrated with it before.


Regardless of if you choose my math curriculum, please pick one that your kids truly enjoy and that teaches them to apply math to the real world.  They deserve this.







P.S. This 75% off discount ends tomorrow at 6:00 PM (pacific).  Enroll here.



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