A couple days ago, we shared a new article outlining how we approach combining GMB programs with other kinds of training. But that sort of begs the question of, if you're doing all these workouts, how do you make sure you're recovering properly to stay healthy and have energy for the rest of your life?

There's a lot to consider when it comes to exercise frequency and recovery, but most of the results come from just a handful of strategies.

Here's the four that have made the biggest difference for us:
  1. Light Activity - exercises t speed recovery and release tension
  2. Rest & Fuel - yeah, I know, that's really two things...
  3. Consistency - to acclimatize to repeated stress from exercise
  4. Mindfulness - to develop awareness and help relax
👉 Our strategies and routines for recovery

Sure, there's lots of supplements and gadgets that claim to improve your recovery, and some of them actually work! But they don't work as well unless you do these first. 

Thanks for being part of the GMB Posse :)

PS - We've been working on a new add-on program to boost results by addressing all the things you need to do around your training. Barring some kind of apocalyptic event, it should be ready for you next week. Get excited.