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Update: 2020-11-14
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Hey Pro Dezza, 


I just wanted to personally get in touch and ask if there is anything I can do to make the switch to Pentanet more seamless for you?


We’d love to be your new internet provider. Unlike others, we manage our network in a way that makes us stable, consistent and fast - even during peak times. This is done through buying extra bandwidth per connection so an excess exists whenever you need it (no matter how large we grow!)


If you need a hand, feel free to reach me on 9466 2670 or by replying to this email.


Your home is able to receive:


Fixed Wireless: Successful Line of Sight  

NBN: Available


All of our plan information is available on our website at, or I can help find one that’s right for how you use the internet. 


Looking forward to hearing from you soon!


D’arcy Page
Onboarding Specialist

2/8 Corbusier Place, Balcatta WA 6021
(08) 9466 2670 |

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