Faster & smoother by 70%

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Massive performance updates are live, new plans and essential product updates 
Massive performance updates are live, new pricing plans, and better app automation with AppRecorder!

We've got news!

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  • Massive performance upgrade
  • Github Action for Appetize
  • Updates to our plans
  • Snap Inc. Emulator summit
  • Retiring cross-doc APIs in favor of Javascript SDK

Faster, smoother by 70%

We have been hard at work on core streaming performance, which includes a massive infrastructure investment and upgrade to all latest Apple M2 architecture. We've seen 70% faster loading times and more responsive devices across both Android and iOS.

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As part of our new infrastructure, we have also added QuadraNet to our subprocessor list.

Changes to our plans

With such a large investment, we are introducing new pricing plans for the first time in 7 years to ensure we can continue to provide the performance you enjoy seeing with Appetize. Existing customers will remain on their current plans for at least the coming 6 months.

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Using Github Actions?

🚀  Elevate your app deployment game with Appetize's GitHub Action! Effortlessly upload your Android .apk or iOS .app files, seamlessly integrating them into your existing CI/CD pipeline for streamlined deployment.

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Snap Emulator Summit

Our CTO, Weiyin He, recently spoke at the Snap Emulator Summit and shared our story and accomplishments. You can watch the video here.

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Retiring Cross-Doc Messages

We are proud to announce that our JavaScript SDK is now out of beta and in general availability. To accompany this, we are retiring our cross-doc messages. We will support cross-document messages for 6 months until November 2023.

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