[FaChords Guitar] Chords, One Easy Lesson + Advanced Mega-Tutorial On Theory And Construction

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Today's email contains two resources, one for beginner guitar players and one for more advanced students. What's the topic? Chords, of course!

1) [Beginner] Easy Guitar Chords

In this tutorial, you'll learn 8 easy shapes that will allow you to play many popular songs. If you are at the beginning of your guitar journey, be sure to check the tutorial because it contains useful tips for playing clean and smooth

==> 8 Easy Guitar Chords

2) [Advanced] Chord Construction - Music Theory Mega Tutorial

In this advanced tutorial, you'll learn:
  • What are intervals
  • How to find them on the fretboard
  • How to stack intervals all along the fretboard to create chords on the fly

You'll also find a software tool to practice interval shapes.

==> How to create chords on the fly

Take care

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Hi! My name is Gianca; I'm a guitar teacher and a software engineer from Italy.
I created FaChords to be a tool for my students, and now it's available, for free, to anyone looking to get better at guitar.
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