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Option to generate QR codes, integration updates, and more!
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Product updates

We have some exciting news - we've recently made some fantastic updates to our Clustermarket platform, and we can't wait to share them with you.

QR code stickers ✅


We are excited to announce that you will now be able to generate QR code stickers for your instruments directly on the Clustermarket application!


From now on, our Enterprise users can generate QR code stickers at their convenience. Simply select the equipment you want to generate the code for from the Equipment Overview table, click on the Equipment Details tabscroll to the bottom, and click the 'Generate QR code' button. You will then be able to download the stickers in .png format to be printed at your own convenience.


eLabNext integration updates 🔗


As we continue to improve the functionality of our platform, we are happy to announce that we have also updated our eLabNext integration to allow the use of eLabNext as a source of truth for equipment. This will allow our  Enterprise users to send all of the equipment created on their eLabNext installation directly to their Clustermarket lab, where it will be identified as created in eLabNext via the eLabNext icon, while still enabling you to book equipment and manage booking rules, saving you time and improving your workflows.


Stay tuned for more exciting features!

Webinar: Persistent Identification of Instruments

In this webinar, we will discuss Persistent Identifiers (PIDs) and their importance in research and sciences, as well as showcase the integrations between different tools to collect laboratory data, reviewing the Clustermarket and RSpace integration.

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Resource utilization for maximizing the capital budget of your lab

In our recent blog, we discuss how to assess the current state of resource utilization in your laboratory, review ways to maximize the utilization of existing resources, and share some tips to optimize the workflows in your lab for optimal resource utilization.

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Webinar: Persistent Identification of Instruments

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