Corner Bowl Syslog Tutorial Series Released

Create: 2023-11-14
Update: 2023-11-14
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Centralized Syslog Management
with Corner Bowl Server Manager

Good morning. I just finished up a 4-part Syslog Tutorial Series and want to let you know about it. I am working on one more tutorial that will show our NIST and JSIG customers how to save Syslog Messages to a CSV per section AU-11 in the respective government publications. I plan on releasing this video later this week. The tutorial series is currently over 40 minutes in runtime so thought I'd give a heads up so interested users can get a head start. Without further ado, here are the links to the new Syslog Tutorial Series:

New Tutorial Series

Part 1: Syslog Server Configuration

Part 2: Syslog Consolidation

Part 3: Syslog Reporting

Part 4: Real-Time Syslog Monitoring

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Big bang for the buck!
Randy S.
Sr. Electronic Systems Security Engineer Defense and Space
The reports of the audits are very straight to the point. The software unlike SPLUNK is extremely easy to setup and manage, which cuts time down while running audits.
Shane B.
System Security Officer US Government
Customer support is super. Very responsive always extra information.
Charles C.
Criminal Justice Systems Specialist

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