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Sweet & Sensual Touch

32 episodes are now 1 ticket off!
Event Period: until Dec. 13 (PST)

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Genre: BL

Artist: Meo

Ep. 1 to 3 FREE! until Dec. 17 (PST)

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Now Available

First Kiss…

Genre: Girls

Artist: Takara Kotobuki

It was supposed to be my long-awaited first kiss with my cute new boyfriend... but when I opened my eyes, it was my childhood friend!? Was it an accident? A coincidence? The forbidden kiss I can never tell my boyfriend about is driving a wedge into my first love...

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Now Available

Kiss and Obey

Genre: Girls

Artist: Eri Takashima

Publisher: amutus

I will destroy your life of mediocrity. A dull and sullen co-worker turns out to be Yamato Toudou -- the super pompous son of a super-rich family -- in disguise!! He forces the unfortunate Shizuku Miyashita to be his slave when she finds herself indebted to him to the tune of 30 million yen! Shizuku had lived an earnest but ordinary life up until this point, so just why in the world did this happen to her?! Wiretaps, disguises, spying... Toudou keeps forcing her to do whatever he wants, throwing her into a panic day after day! But for some reason, she can't bring herself to defy him.... Why is Toudou hiding who he is? A short office love story for young adults by Takashima Eri as a follow-up to her hit series -- I Give You My First!

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Girls Discount

My Two Boyfriends: 18-Year-Old Eisuke and 28-Year-Old Eisuke

Genre: Girls

Artist: Shiraishi Yomo

1 ticket off! Ep. 2 to 8 until Dec. 14 (PST)

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Coolmic's Special Comic

How to Survive in Japan

Genre: Young Adults (Seinen)

Artist: Foreigners / SQUAME

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