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Create: 2021-06-09
Update: 2021-06-09
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Hi Lizzie,

We noticed that you've recently made a purchase using credit card ending 9016 on your Amazon account! If your card is from a participating program, you could be eligible to use your rewards to shop for millions of items at Amazon.

Best of all, there’s nothing you need to do to get started! Amazon will check with your credit card issuer to see if your card is eligible for Amazon Shop with Points. If it is, we’ll automatically enroll your card in the program and send you a confirmation email to let you know.

For a full list of participating programs, visit Or if you’d like to check if your card is eligible and immediately start using your rewards to shop at Amazon, you can use the same link to manually enroll in Shop with Points.

If you would prefer not to be automatically enrolled in Shop with Points, let us know by visiting the Shop with Points preference page.

Thank you for choosing Amazon!

You will have 15 days from the date of this email to opt out if you don't want to be automatically enrolled in Shop with Points. If you see this message after the 15-day period has ended and wish to un-enroll, you can do so on the Your Enrolled Rewards Accounts page by clicking 'Unenroll' next to 'Manage account'.