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Hi there,

You have successfully created a new hosting service. You are on your way to creating your website(s)!

Please take note of the following information, as it is used to access your CPanel account, FTP, and MySQL databases. You can also review this information in the client area.

CPanel account

CPanel URL:

CPanel Username: tttng_33762664

CPanel Password: b5db6e1c8f279c8

Main Domain:

Domain used for signing up:

Nameservers (For custom domains)

Nameserver 1:

Nameserver 2:


FTP Host:

FTP Username: tttng_33762664

FTP Password: b5db6e1c8f279c8

Port: 21


Database names: tttng_33762664_XXX (created in CPanel)

MySQL Username: tttng_33762664

MySQL Password: b5db6e1c8f279c8

Port: 3306

You can access Gilect Central Client Area at, where you could manage hosting services, log into your CPanel and file manager, and access this information.

Thank you for choosing Gilect!