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Hi there,

Welcome to

Please check your first post by viewing the ad listings in the city that you posted in 15 minutes after you have posted. We have anti-spam filtering technology in place, and it may have prevented your ad from showing up.

If you don't see your post, you will need to verify yourself. You will need to verify your identify, please reply to this email, changing the subject to "Verify Me" and attach a clear photo of yourself, showing your face so that we can match it to the photos in your ad, holding up a piece of paper with your email address handwritten on the paper.

Warning: Opening more than one account for yourself will cause us to ban you from the site.

Other common answers to your questions are here:

To login to the site, use your email address: password:

You can login at any time by going here:

You can easily repost any of your saved ad templates, delete any of your currently posted ads, and modify all your information right from your my account page at

If you have any questions/comments about the site or ideas about how we can improve, please don't hesitate to email me at

Best of luck with your clients,

Sofia Lenard
Customer Care

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