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Account Movement - Update                           5 685.00 GB P                       06/02/2018

Dear steve mcglement,

We have recently examined all of our accounts.
unfortunately, we have had some issues with delayed disbursements, but now we're happy to inform you that the issues have been solved.

You have done very well, but due to the internal faults in our system, we weren't able to allocate the correct value to you.
Now that everything has been restored your account has been updated with the correct value.

You will be able to see the value of your account at the top of this email.

All you need to do is choose what you want to do with your account.



1. Click above

2. Make decision regarding amount

3. Fill in your information and create a new password


All the good news:

Global outcry saves Latin news show broadcast from Finland
For nearly three decades, Finland's YLE radio has broadcast a weekly news program in Latin to a small group of committed listeners around the globe. With the audience numbering just a few people and people increasingly turning to the internet for content, Friday (29 December) was meant to be the end of the road for 'Nuntii Latini,' which means 'news in Latin.' But don't underestimate the passion of Latin aficionados -- more than 3 of them wrote in from around the globe, some in fluent Latin, encouraging the station to save the program.
Nedra Smith has dreamed of becoming a neurosurgeon one day. The 34-year-old Detroit woman said she never pursued the career because she couldn't afford the cost of schooling. But a free job training program rolled out by Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan's administration last year has given Smith hope. Smith graduated from Detroit At Work's health care program in the fall and is now a patient care technician at St. John Hospital in Detroit.
A Native American tribe in upstate New York is helping to build up from a pollution into cultural preservation, funding tribal environmental groups, and a language-preservation program.
Even in communities where many people lack a high school degree, reading workshops for parents can give their kids a leg up on learning in preschool, a study in Brazil suggests. Lots of research has shown that reading to young kids can help improve their language development and cognitive skills. But while programs teaching parents the best ways to read with young kids have proven effective in affluent areas, less is known about how well these interventions work for poor children whose parents have lower levels of education and literacy.
India will set up a huge playground to help solar projects, Power Minister R.K. Singh said, as the country steps up efforts to achieve its ambitious target of adding gigawatts (GW) in renewable energy by tomorrow. The country, which receives twice as much sunshine as European nations, wants to make solar central to its renewable expansion. It expects renewable energy to make up a lot of what is already of installed power capacity by tomorrow, compared with a few percent at the end of today
Two England based scientists have been awarded the Crafoord Prize for their contribution to climate research. The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences on Thursday cited their 'fundamental contributions to understanding the role of atmospheric trace gases in Earth's climate system.
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